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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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it's only tuesday. this morning i said i don't see the rundown for friday. he said that's because it's tuesday. good morning. welcome to tuesday, everybody at home. i'm mike hydeck. we begin with weather and traffic. first and foremost we want to introduce a new member of the wusa9 family. >> allyson rae joins us. we're expanding our wet he team to bring you even more expensive coverage than we do with topper, me and erica. she's going to start our coverage with this impending winter storm. today not so bad. >> today is actually going to be really nice. you can get your prepare raixes ready for -- preparations ready for tomorrow or if you can head out a day earlier, might as well. take a look at current temperatures. pretty comfortable. seasonable day ahead. 55 degrees right now if you head down to arl willington -- arlington. chevy chase 56. we'll stay basically in the 50s today. some spots might even reach the 60-degree mark. you might see even a couple of
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peeks of sunshine but mostly cloudy. we're gearing up for all the clouds and rain headed our way later on tonight. we're looking at 53 degrees at 6:00 p.m. the temperatures will continue to fall as we gear up for the rain turning to snow. clouds will be here and you can see the rain off to the south. tomorrow we are looking at mostly rain for areas south. it's going to quickly turn to snow even before lunch time. then areas west of 95 along 81, that's where we're going to see mostly snow. that's with a winter storm watch is in place for tomorrow. we're going to get you more details of the timing of this with howard a little bit later but let's heed to timesaver traffic with beverly. so far so g. checking out the ride around town, if you are headed out around the capital beltway, only volume building for you on the outer loop of the beltway past colesville road. lanes open around to georgia
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avenue. lanes have been open headed for the wilson bridge in good shape. northeast washington still a closure southbound lanes at south dakota avenue diverted at bladensburg road with the ongoing crash investigation. if you need to get to new york avenue instead, rhode island avenue to montana is the best work around. the rest of your ride downtown, volume building into southeast and into northeast. 95 northbound heaviest volume in woodbridge and making your way northbound into newington the pace is good toward springfield. that's a look at the drive timesaver traffic. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. ferguson, missouri burning into the night and the morning after a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer darren wilson for the death of michael brown, a black teenager. >> protesters set fire to several stores and cars. there were some violent confrontations with police. the decision by the grand jury nine whites and three blacks was announced by the st. louis county prosecutor robert mcculloch. >> they determined that no probable cause exists to file any charge against officer wilson and returned a no true
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bill on each of the five indictments. >> in a statement the brown family said, quote, we are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequences of his actions. the term aviation administration is imposing flight restrictions over ferguson this morning. >> flights into st. louis airport are being rerouted because of all the unrest. the faa has made a three-mile radius out of ferguson out of bounds to air traffic. at this point only inbound planes are being affected. the airport remains open. demonstrations in and around ferguson have not ended since the decision came down last night. >> no our rng and across the country, a number of protests are planned for today. nikki burdine joins us live outside the metropolitan police headquarters with more on what's around here. nikki? >> reporter: mike, that's right. there are about five separate protests planned here in d.c. this morning after the decision in ferguson. the first one will start at 8:28 this morning and it will
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leave here from the d.c. police headquarters. first, i want to show you last night's protest. they started right before the decision was announced. people gathered to watch near the african-american memorial. after the announcement was made, the group started to walk. they chanted "black lives matter" and marched down u street and 16th street and ended eventually at the white house. throughout the entire march, d.c. police stayed nearby. they stayed with protesters to make sure they were peaceful but also to keep them safe. they kept their distance so as not to interrupt the march. we spoke with several protesters about why they decided to come out and voice their opinion. >> absolutely a terrible miscarriage of justice in this country to have an african- american man shot in cold blood on a city street and unarmed and they're not going to defer charges against him is
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absolutely shameful. i'm disgusted to be an american, disgusted. >> reporter: that was the sentiment we heard from most people last night as they were anticipating in that protest. again more protests are planned today. organizers of these protests, it's the group the black youth project. they hope these protests will continue to be just as peaceful and passionate. the first one will start at 8:28. the reason for the time period, 8:28 and the next one at 12:28, 2:28 and 5:28 is a statistic from the malcolm x grass roots project that every 28 hours, a black person is killed by a police officer or a vigilante. that is according to that grass roots movement. we will be here for that protest that starts at 8:28 this morning and bring you more updates. i'm nikki burdine, back to you. >> thank you. joining us once again to discuss the ferguson case and the grand jury decision is defense attorney mike shammel.
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as you watched each item get laid out by the grand jury, were you surprised by the reaction in town? good surprised -- i apologize, i have a cold this morning. being surprised at the outcover the grand jury and the reaction are two things. i'm not surprised by the grand jury. this was a justified shooting. i know people don't like that and that's why you have the protests. >> i was surprised that given all that the grand jurors -- we know who they are. they weren't sequestered that they might have felt pressured to come up with an even lesser charge but they stayed firm. >> some people say guilty. some people say not guilty. they come up with a lesser charge. you see the same thing sometimes with the grand jury, especially with a lower standard. we're talking about probable cause. well, let's just indict it and we'll leave it up to somebody else. i think it's pretty impressive they went through this since
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august and made a decision not to indictle-- >> indict him. >> when things like this happen they're allowed to look at the witnesses eye to eye. they can engage emotions, what their recall may or may not have been. does that help them come to the decision? >> i think they saw everything. they probably heard from police experts. they heard from the officer which is tremendously huge. nobody else here on this table, nobody else has done that all of these people burning these cars, doing these things, they didn't look at the officer. they didn't ask him questions. it's unfettered. when the officer said i'm going to tell you whammed, they can keep him -- what happened, they can keep him in there for days. they got their questions answered. they were comfortable not to indict. >> the grand jurors are supposed to be secret. are they at risk. there are things that leaked, information, witnesses in this case. are they safe from angry protesters who might take it out on them? >> missouri has a law that make it is a crime for grand jurors to be outed for information
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that was kept in the grand jury. the federal system -- even prosecutors can get in trouble for leaking things out of the grand jury. we shouldn't hear about them but we live in a digital age. somebody is going to say to somebody over dinner i was a grand juror and it will start leaking, be on a twipter feed and well -- twitter feed and we'll see what happens. >> does anybody ever trace those leaks? it seems as if it could be punishable by some sort of legal statute, right? >> it is. there is a statue in missouri that deals with that. every system has something that allows to punish leaks in the grand jury and sometimes they actually do. >> one final question. al sharpton and brown family are holding a press conference later on today to discuss their disappointment. do they have any other things that they can do, civil actions they can take in this case? >> the civil rights division is still investigating for the department of justice. i think what the grand jury found here having gone through all the evidence, i think it's unlikely the civil rights division will come up with a
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different decision. they can go after him civilly. the problem is i have qualified immunity. i was acting in this employment. this is what i was doing. the police department will provide him a lawyer and defend him. even if they get a recovery, it will be against the city and not the officer. >> we'll should you -- we'll see you in about half an hour. thank you. any of you preparing to head north this thanksgiving could spend part of your time shoveling out from a nor'easter. wusa9 is back right after this. cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty?
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mostly cloudy skies. winter storm watch in effect north and west of washington for wednesday. who gets what and how much? i'll have details in a few minutes. right now beverly farmer has a look at timesaver traffic. good morning. much better than yesterday. dry pavement helps. more folks will be traveling later today to get out of dodge before the storms tomorrow. checking out the ride on the outer loop of the beltway or in fact both loops of the beltway getting past i-66, sky 9 has been checking things out for us this morning. we find the pace is still good on that stretch of the beltway. 66 tysons, everything open for you on kenilworth avenue. volume building as you head into northeast past eastern avenue. volume building down toward the exit for east capitol and 11th street bridge. beltway west of college park into silver spring, already see the volume building past new hampshire avenue but with lanes open through silver spring. back to you. >> thank you, beverly.
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[ no audio ] for years the late marion barry ma sure that families who could not afford a thanksgiving were able to have a holiday dinner. >> today volunteers are at union temple baptist. [ no audio ] good morning, delia. >> reporter: we have about two dozen people here in line. the line started around 5:30. they'll give turkeys away and 50,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables starting at 9:00. it's first come, first serve. these folks know that because they came very early. you talk to a lot of folks who say this is more about turkeys. it's about thanksgiving. it's about community. it's about who marrion barey because -- marion barry was because he made sure this event happened hours, days before. you first met barry a long time ago and like so many people,
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you have a wonderful story about how he gave you a job and opportunity. what is it like to be here today knowing he's gone? >> it's a good feeling to me, it really s. it's a really good feeling. i'm glad to be here. because, i mean, it's a shortage on people if you understand what i mean. >> reporter: do you think anybody can replace who he was? >> no, i doubt that seriously. no. >> reporter: what did he mean to you and what's his legacy that he leaves here in ward 8? >> he also saw me in the hospital. he was leaving -- not this time. this has been a couple of years ago. he was leaving the hospital and i was coming in. and he remembered me. >> reporter: he was more than a politician? >> yes. he was a friend to everybody. he really was. >> reporter: lawrence, thank so you much for being here. lawrence says he's in pain. he has some leg issues but he is happy he is here. he's blessed this morning.
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and happy to be here. again 3500 turkeys, 50,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables. the grocery -- giant grocery truck is in the back. they will be distributing everything starting at 9:00 this morning. back to you. >> thank you, delia. it's 6:15. here's another look at our question of the morning. a survey finds women do this three times more than men. 50 years ago it was the other way around. is it a, plan vacations, b, take photos or c, balance the family checkbook. >> take a guess on our facebook fan page. we'll have
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woehl back to wusa9 at 6:00. im-- welcome back to wusa9 at 6:00. i'm nick giovanni. concerns over devastating flooding in buffalo, new york, are easing at least for now. temperatures crept into the low 60s yesterday. so far only minor to moderate flooding has been reported. much less than expected after hor than 7 feet of snow -- more than 7 feet of snow began to melt. still high winds are threatening to bring down trees and power lines. homeowners are bracing for the possibility of even more flooding ahead. on the food front, the popcorn you buy at the movie theater may just come with more than just gobbs of butter. the food and drug administration is calling for a calorie count as well. an announcement about the new rules is expected today which could require labels on food at chain restaurants,
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supermarkets, convenient stores along with movie theaters. talk about a costly costume as well. the cowardly lion outfit from the wizard of oz just south for north of $3 million at a new york auction. it's been authenticated at the one worn in the 1939 film. you think that sounds like a pretty penny? that still doesn't top the white and black dress from "my fair lady" worn by audrey hepburn in that movie. that reportedly went for $3.7 million at auction. back to you. >> that was a gorgeous dress. >> $3.7 million gorgeous? >> in the eye of the beholder, right, and in the pocketbook. >>it's not one to be worn, let's just say that. >> this is true. >> and it probably smells a lot better. >> than the cowardly lion one? >> i think itself dress would win that contest. >> who's going to win in the race for snow and sleet and rain and the dreaded wintry mix tomorrow? >> the higher elevations north and west as is usually the case. that's where the winter storm watches are out on this tuesday
6:20 am
morning for tomorrow. today no problem. the winter storm watch in areas north and west in yellow from frederick and loudoun, northern fauquier, the shenandoah valley into the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. this is where we're concerned there could be significant snows. when i say significant, four, five, six inches in a few spots, maybe higher in the highest elevations. mid- to upper 50s as we go throughout the day. we're warmer than that now but the cooler air is starting to move in. temps in the 30s west of the appalachians. that's the cold air that's moving in. right now you see we're down to 59. we were 60 last hour. 46 in winchester. 30s in garrett county and davis now down to 30. so at reagan national we're just watching the cool air move in now with a north, northwesterly wind at 8 and 59 degrees and humidity at 46%. no problems today. here we are tonight 11:30. we watch the rain creep up overnight by daybreak wednesday. we'll start as rain in the metro. areas west of the shenandoah valley we'll start mainly as
6:21 am
snow. that's why at the higher elevations blue ridge west, they have the potential to get the several inches of snow. well' see the rain -- we'll see the rain turn to snow. looks like wet snow on the i-95 corridor. up' not too concerned about big accumulations here but it's north and west the problem. generally an inch or less from d.c. south and east up to baltimore south and east. 1 to maybe 2 as you get into central howward and montgomery in toward eastern loudoun, western fairfax. the blue stripe upper montgomery the light blue western loudoun and the dark blue, now we're talking the heaviest amounts, 4, 6, maybe higher. 58 today. tomorrow 39. temperatures drop. yellow alert. 40 on thursday with the snow shower. as we head toward friday still chilly and milder air over the weekend. good morning, bev. >> good morning. checking out the ride beltway heading into silver spring, fairly typical volume. some folks are headed to work today. outer loop delays forming as you head past new hampshire avenue and west into silver spring past colesville and around to georgia enue.
6:22 am
nothing too out of the ordinary there. that's good news. beltway and 66 getting to the beltway looking pretty good as you make your way toward tysons. it's just been the volume there east on 66 to get through vienna and merge on to the inner loop of the beltway. northbound 95 heaviest volume still heading into quantico. northbound 95 heading into woodbridge across the owk quan more slowdowns -- occoquan, more slowdowns. 395 loading up to get past edsall road. that's a look at timesaver traffic. thanks for joining silent night not so silent? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. this week only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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[ stand by for captions ] >> other items include swords, a live grenade, dummy grenades have also been confiscated. the tsa says many travelers claim they simply forgot about the weapons. a director at the center of the va scandal is out of a job. she's sharon hellman. >> she was fired after 40 veterans died while waiting for treatment at va hospitals. coming up on 6:26, time for
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a look at what's happening with your money. >> today we're trying to help you save money during black friday shopping. nick is in the newsroom with more on that. >> reporter: mike, andrea, we're breaking down black friday with the money man. mike granite has been doing his homework since june. he joins us live. matt, what kind of tims are we talking about here? >> reporter: we are helping you shop the way where your wallet stores want you to shop. he showed you the only stock list in the country unveiling every time on sale at major retailers throughout our area. and this hour i got something hopefully a little bit better. we are the only media operation on the continent with hand drawn deal maps showing you where stores hide their biggest deals. the big question is why would you want these? take a look. because on black friday stores are notorious for pushing their markups beside their actual black friday deals.
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it's confusing. the good news, the confusion stops right now. today there's a way to replace the ad scans you might have en planning to shop with with deal maps with all of the big retailers. in the past we've seen wal-mart put huge gaming deals if their frozen food section, laptops in the garden section. our maps show you where to go and which store sections often bring their biggest deals. for example, sears splits their appliances into opposite ends of the store. if you are looking to line up, we have you covered. if you want tone joy thanksgiving with your family, we have a way for you to get all the big door busters delivered to you early. i have a team of many people like me who want to save you money and have no life. we're going to work through our entire thanksgiving so you have a way to enjoy your time with your family and head over to and you will find that we have you covered in a big way. whether you need in store deal maps, stock lists for your info at your door, we have you covered in a big way right now.
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>> reporter: you put some time into that. that is amazing. laptop deals in garden sections, things like that, why would stores be hiding these deals would you say? >> it's an excellent question. in the past we've seen specifically in the d.c. area, stores want to use crowd control techniques. sometimes they put their items to help control the population. in other areas, which we actually saw was in baltimore last year, they wanted to advertise some of their not so great deals beside their great items. they hope to put their items in the lingerie section you might buy the laptop and look for undergarments. it's bizarre but if you have the deal maps, you don't need to look at lingerie on black friday if you don't want to. >> reporter: news you can use. matt granite, we appreciate it, my friend. we'll check back with you throughout the week. now back to andrea and mike. it 16:28. this is a -- it is 6:28. this is a live look outside.
6:29 am
the warm air we've enjoyed is about to take a flight out of the region. >> if you have family coming into town, you want to pay attention to the forecast. cooler temperatures start rushing later today. allyson rae has a look at the forecast. good morning. we are seeing clouds beginning to roll n. temperatures won't be as warm today as they were yesterday. we'll see temperatures start to fall later on tonight. clouds on the way but we are really looking ahead toward tomorrow where we are going to see some of the rain turn to snow. we'll get to more details on that coming up a bit later but temperatures right now in the 50s. you can see the cold air working its way in. now time for timesaver traffic with beverly farmer. good morning. a pretty good start around the area. volume building, typical stuff for folks around town. outer loop of the beltway into college park, silver spring, inner loop doesn't look too bad. slowing in cheverly to make it off of 50 to kenilworth avenue. 66 sky 9 has been checking out the ride in toward the very nanny metro. a volume delay but lanes open
6:30 am
here. your trip right out of manassas park, the caution for signal lights, missed timing on 28 near yorkshire lanes so word of caution there. southbound south dakota avenue still diverted before bladensburg in northeast with a crash investigation. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. demonstrators in ferguson, missouri say the police brought it on themselves because of their aggressive stance. >> they're referring to the night of protests that spiraled out of control after the grand jury refused to indict a white police officer darren wilson in the death of black teenager michael brown. at least a dozen buildings were set on fire. businesses were looted. windows were broken. you can see a police car getting flipped there. >> what i've seen tonight is probably much worse than the worst night we ever had in august. >> brown's mother broke down among the protesters after the grand jury decision. even in her anger, she urged the protesters not to combat violence with violence. there were rallies last night across the country in the
6:31 am
wake of the grand jury's decision in ferguson. >> even moraleys are planned for today and throughout the rest of the week. nikki burdine is live outside the metropolitan police headquarters this morning with the rallies that are planned here locally. nikki? >> reporter: that's right. right now we are just a couple of hours away from the first protests that are supposed to start here at d.c. police headquarters at 8:28. it will continue on for the rest of the day. now, these protests are supposed to be peaceful, much like the ones we had in d.c. last night. let me show you what i mean. these protests started last night right after the decision was announced. people listened to the decision live. they watched and waited for it to come out. once they did, they marched near the african-american civil war memorial starting at about 9:00. after that announcement was made, they started to walk and they chanted black lives mattered. then they ended up all the way at the white house. this is several blocks. throughout the entire march, d.c. place made sure to stay close by. they flanked the protesters
6:32 am
both to make sure they were peaceful but also to make sure they were safe. they kept their distance because they didn't want to interfere with what was going on in right of free speech. we spoke to protesters about why they decided to come out and get involved. >> i'm surprised because i think the system is really messed up now. i don't feel safe in america anymore. what if something happens to me today? what will happen? are they going to be able to judge for me or will i be another victim in america? is the system for us or for somebody else? >> , these protests are being -- these protests are being sponsored and held by the black youth project. they'll hold them at 8:28 and 12:28, 2:28 and 5:28. the reason for that is statistics from the malcolm x movement, grass roots movement where they say 28 black people are killed -- one black person is killed every 28 hours, rather, throughout the country by either a black -- by a police officer or a vigilante.
6:33 am
we will be here for that protest starting at 8:28 this morning. back to you. >> nikki, thank you. joining us once again to discuss the ferguson case and the grand jury decision is attorney -- defense attorney mike shammel. thank you for being here with us. prosecutors just released the testimony of officer darren wilson. i thought everything was supposed to be secret and contained. what do you think is behind their releasing his testimony now? >> with what's going on in ferguson across the country, i think there's a real disconnect to what people on the street know and what the grand jurors know. the prosecutor is taking an extraordinary step releasing that information so people get the real truth behind it. >> for people who are not familiar with what grand juries experience, this has been a month-long investigation, interviewed 60-plus witnesses. they actually got to hear from the officer and witnesses some. >> the grand jury is interesting because it's a little more lucy goosy. what you have is people going to the grand jury.
6:34 am
they sit down and unlike a trial where the jury sits and listens to the lawyers, they get to ask real questions. they say, you know, officer, what were you thinking? ma'am, what did you see? sir, where were you standing? the prosecutor in the grand jury will ask the initial questions but the grand jury just asks whatever they want. the grand jury is in charge. the investigation belongs to them. >> the justice department is also been asked to investigate what happened in ferguson. will they get to see all of the same information that was presented to the grand jury and make their decision based on that? >> absolutely. they'll be able to see -- the state will share with the the feds everything that there is. but the feds can also convene a grand jury if they choose. they can convene a grand jury if they wanted to do that sort of investigative tool. probably unlikely you would put all those witnesses through a second grand jury. three months. a lot of cases a lot of people don't understand this. a lot of cases get indicted with literally 15 minutes of grand jury testimony. prosecutors will go into one grand jury and read in the testimony of the witness of a previous grand jury because the
6:35 am
grand jury -- the first grand jury has already expired. so the grand jury process doesn't normally go into this level of depth. >> if this moves on to a federal situation is the bar higher to have federal civil rights come into play? >> it is higher. i think we have two years now in the sanford case with trayvon martin and it's been violent. i don't think there's a federal grand jury that's going to be convened and i don't think there will be a federal charge here. the state took their shot at t. they looked at it and went through a three month process pretty exhaustism. now they want the people of america what the grand jury saw and on what they based their opinion. >> thank you for being here with this good analysis. >> my pleasure. wusa9 and dc jobs want to try to get you hired. the house of roots hiring a programmer. you need pore than three years experience. if you'd like to find out more, go to wusa9/dcjobs. we want to congratulate
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6:39. skies mostly cloudy. temperatures holding in the 50s. we have a winter storm watch up for wednesday. more coming up at 6:46. now over to beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. checking out the ride for you around town. we'll check out south of town wilson bridge commute. inner loop building volume out of oxon hill primarily into the local lanes to head on to the bridge and over into alexandria. the pace is good on the outer loop but on the bw parkway northbound, near powder mill road, word of a crash. a portion of the roadway is blocked. heading north to the beltway take 95 if you need to get to the airport. check out the ride for folks as you're heading on the 14th street bridge, 395 north heading on to the bridge and
6:40 am
into downtown, volume is building there. 270 southbound, 118 germantown, just the building volume now as you make your way south into rockville. back to you, mike, andrea. at 9:00 this morning, the thanksgiving turkey giveaway event spearheaded by the late marion barry will kick off as planned. >> there's already people waiting. in addition to 3500 turkeys, volunteers will hand out 30,000 pounds. fresh vegetables. that is a lot of vegetables all giving a-- given away. delia goncalves is live in southeast. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. charms lindsay is marion barry's chief of staff. he's here organizing the event. really a busy few days you've had. very emotional obviously but this, what a great tribute. it's going to be the biggest ever, the tenth annual. >> that was his goal, his objective. he wanted it to be the biggest one he ever had. we've been blessed with contributions. we'll give away more than 3,000
6:41 am
turkeys. whole foods and capital food bank has donated 50,000 pounds. fruits and vegetables. i got a wonderful phone call from giant and they're going to donate over 5,000 leave loaves of bread and other items. the ward 8 will have a nice healthy thanksgiving dinner and the boss man would be proud. >> reporter: a lot of people say this is more than about turkeys. this is about what marion barry did for people, taking care of them from the center job program all the way up until their -- [indiscernible] i know it's been an emotional time for you. what are your thoughts about the boss man, your mentor, marion barry? >> where do i begin? he was an awesome human being who was a servant. he came into this world with nothing and he delivered. he's made billion theirs. he's created -- billionaires. he's created a summer program, champion of affordable housing, health care. recently to share with you what
6:42 am
he fought for when the mayor decided to cut -- [indiscernible] boss man went down fighting because he believes the folks that were on tanner still needed more time to get themselves in a position of total independence. went down fighting for that. his entire life was about fighting for people from his pride days till his days on the city council in the '70s to the time he was a council member early '70s. he was just -- he was a wonderful, wonderful person, a great human being. there are countless stories out there. everybody i talked to said to me i've known him for 30, 40 years. i love people that have long- term friends. because we have long-term friends, you've been through some things. council member has had friends for 50, 60 years of his life. >> reporter: a lot of these friends are here and they thank him for working till the very end to make sure this happened. charms, thank you so much for being here and -- charles, thank so you much for being here and making sure this goes
6:43 am
off without a hitch. more than 3,000 families certainly will be helped this thanksgiving thanks to the man who even in death still giving back to his community. back to you in the studio. >> all right, delia, thank you. it is 6:43. time to answer our question of the morning. a survey finds women do this three times more than men. but 50 years ago it was the other way around. is it a, plan vacations, b, take photos or c, balance the family checkbook? >> good morning, tony king. she writes c, 50 years ago the man of the house hand himmed the checkbook. the woman of the house was give an set amount of money to take care of household problems, buy groceries and pay the help. >> that's changed. the answer is
6:44 am
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know better sleep with sleep number. it is 6:46. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. norah o'donnell standing by live in new york with a pe
6:47 am
view. good morning, norah. >> good morning. >> good morning to you, mike, andrea. ahead we are in ferguson with the fires, looting and violent protests that erupted after the grand jury decision. and some analysis. we'll have more on how the decision was reached and how this may not be the end of the legal battle. and then delta's ceo is going to join us in studio 57 with what to expect from holiday travel and whether lower fuel prices will trickle down to savings for passengers. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys at 7:00. if i don't see you before thanksgiving, hope you and your family have a nice one. >> thank you, norah. the same to you and your family. weather time now. a lot of people traveling. coming up tomorrow and the day after, sometimes you travel on thanksgiving to get away from the traffic if you can make it. >> if you can travel today, travel today. if you have to travel tomorrow, state toward the coast as opposed to inland. likely on the coast, while there may be some snow mixing in, wet roads as opposed to potentially snow covered roads. >> quite a few travel the
6:48 am
morning of thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving? probably in much better shape unless you're going away to the northeast. the morning of thanksgiving will be better. it will be tomorrow during the day into the afternoon where we have the biggest problems north and west and into pennsylvania and areas in new england as well. let's start and show you where the winter storm watch is. it is up in frederick and leaseburg and in toward marshall. warrenton sort of on the border. northern fauquier, southern fauquier, the but ridge, the then dough -- blue ridge, the shenandoah valley during the day tomorrow into the late afternoon and evening. we're talking several inches of snow. maybe even half a foot in the highest elevations that way. 50s, mid- to upper 50s today. mostly cloudy skies. not a lot of wind but a northwesterly wind bringing in the cooler air. we're already seeing that out west. down to 46 in winchester. 30s in the highest elevations. we still have some 60s in easton, tappahannock and the pax river naval air station. in washington, mostly cloudy on our michael & son weather camera. 59 degrees. there's the north, northwesterly wind so the front
6:49 am
has passed. we continue to see temperatures drop off a little. tomorrow morning on the futurecast, we watch the rain move in. here we are by 6:00 a.m. so it will be raining all the way up near the mason nixon line with snow in the cold spots out. that snow will expand east as we go through the morning. by 9:00 in toward upper montgomery, most of loudoun county, frederick, areas north and west of the blue ridge. it will be working its way toward the metro but slowly over toward the i-95 corridor later in the morning and then we'll see some in virginia in the -- sun in virginia in the afternoon. trying to get east, a little bit of slushy accumulation. this will pull away by evening. we may see a few more snow showers pop by thursday morning. how much snow are we talking about? well, where we don't see the transition till late, not a lot. maybe a trace to an inch. here i-95 east, 1 to 2. southern montgomery, western fairfax, 2 to 4 by leesburg and northern montgomery. the dark blue areas that's 4 to 6. forecast today we're in the 50s, no problems.
6:50 am
upper 30s tonight and tomorrow morning before dropping off in the afternoon. rain to snow. the yellow alert day. 40 on thursday with a passing snow shower. frizz still chilly and then mader temps move in during the weekend. good morning, beverly farmer. good morning, howard. getting a little busier on the roadways. do want to let folks know if you're just headed out into northeast, southbound sield of bladensburg -- side of bladensburg road, we still have the diversion southbound south dakota avenue is diverted before bladensburg at 30th street with an ongoing crash investigation since the early morning hours. thru les are open on new york avenue and on south dakota -- rather on bladensburg itself. check out the ride for folks that are east 066 where we've go -- 066 where we've got a vehicle -- on 66 where we've got a vehicle brown down. already lined up in manassas getting into centreville and vienna to get -- rather a vehicle broken down right before the vienna metro tying up the right side. a crash inside the beltway on on route 1 near collegpark right near 193. that's a look at that accident
6:51 am
blocking at least a portion of route 1 insides the beltway in college park -- inside the beltway in college park. thank you for watching
6:52 am
6:53 am
welcome back to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. here's a look at some things in the news right now. we just learned spt louis police and -- st. louis police and the mayor of st. louis will hold a press conference at 7:30 eastern time. this comes after mass demonstrations not to indict
6:54 am
ferguson police officer darren wilson if the death of michael brown. we'll stream the conference live on our mobile map. >> officer wilson shot the unafterward teenager -- unarmed teenager last summer. brown's family was disappointed with the decision but urged the protesters to remain peaceful, a sentiment echoed by president obama. we have a look now at how the nation reacted to the decision. >> reporter: outside the white house in the nation's capital, through the streets of chicago, and in the heart of south central los angeles, people by the thousands demanded justice monday night. >> shut it downing, man, if we can't have justice, there should be no peace. >> reporter: mostly peaceful protests took place around the country after the announcement of ferguson, missouri police officer will not face charges in the shooting death of 18- year-old michael brown. in new york city, people filled the streets of manhattan. at one point someone even
6:55 am
splattered fake blood on the city's police commissioner. >> i think we need some changes in the system because obviously cops are tilling people. they're abusing their powers and the system is entirely corrupt. >> reporter: in downtown denver, people sat in the middle of the street blocking traffic. in oakland and los angeles, protesters walked on to highways stopping cars. in seattle police used pepper spray in a brief clash with protesters. some say brown's case has reignited racial tension. >> it seems our judicial system is sending a message to the young people that minorities are not growing to see justice actualialized in their lifetime. it's really sad. >> reporter: dozens of rallies are scheduled for later today across the country. don champion for cbs news, new york. d.c. installed seven new traffic control cameras in various locations through the district. six of them are speed cameras.
6:56 am
one will fine you for going through a stop sign. for now all of them are giving out warnings. the real ticket starts as a gift on christmas eve. you can find a list of where the new photo enforcers are by visiting the story on the wusa9 app. you know they're changing the locations of some of them, trying to catch you there. howard? we're looking at a nice day today. temperatures will be in the 50s. so not bad. mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow the real mess, especially west of i-95 where we have winter storm watches. we'll see rain and snow in the morning. even d.c. will transition to snow later in the morning. shouldn't expect too much accumulation here. beverly? sky 9 has been checking out the crash on route 1 inside the beltway college park in the branchville area, greenbelt road. tying up the intersection. police directing while the tow trucks load up the vehicles there. travel lane to the district, westbound freeway out to the 14th street bridge, they're checking near the waterfront and 14th street bridge off the westbound freeway for the report of a crash. 66 you're tied up with a vehicle broken down right near
6:57 am
the vienna metro. back to you. cbs this morning is next. this is funny. christmas tree concerned citizens in reading, pennsylvania called this tree's pathetic and ugly. >> it sort of is. others support the tree's right to stay. >> that's so sad. >> it's the symbol of the holiday spirit they say? >> beverly and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day, just use our app good have a
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, november 25th 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." fires, looting and tear gas. chaos in ferguson, after the grand jury decides not to indict officer darren wilson. and inside the evidence, for the first time we see the shows of officer wilson's injuries and what his testimony reveals. and a nor'easter packing up to 10 inches of snow. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> stop


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